Bayete Green Tourism

Welcome Bayete Guest Lodge

We are committed to making Bayete as environmentally friendly as possible. We recently achieved a Green Tourism bronze award and hope to improve this to a silver award at the next site inspection. Sustainable tourism protects environments, respects local cultures, supports communities, conserves natural resources and minimises pollution.

Initiatives we have already implemented include:
•    Composting.
•    Assisting National Parks with anti-poaching.
•    Taking measures to reduce our water and energy consumption.
•    Buying local produce and offering vegetarian meal options.
•    Responsibly sourcing recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable products where possible.
•    Upcycling furniture and decor found on the property.
•    Actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.
•    Committing to the Keep It Clean Vic Falls campaign by keeping the National Parks runway clear and regularly collecting litter along the Kazangula Road.

We are currently working to:
•    Source a product range that has minimal environmental impact.
•    Train our staff in environmentally friendly practices.
•    Support and communicate about green initiatives in Vic Falls.
•    Further reduce our water and energy consumption.
•    Improve recycling possibilities both internally and in the Vic Falls community.

Our future plans include:
•    Using solar energy.
•    Extending the raw river water supply so that we have access to it.
•    Purchasing a microlight to assist with anti-poaching in a less fuel demanding manner.

We (and the planet) greatly appreciate your help with our environmental initiatives!

Ways in which you can help are:
•    Being water wise.
•    Please hang towels you wish to reuse and leave those you would like changed on the floor.
•    Please switch off lights and air conditioning when you leave your room.
•    Consider sustainable tourism activities such as walks or horse rides.
•    Consider donating to The Victoria Falls Green Fund, an Environment Africa initiative which promotes and encourages environmental awareness and action in and around Victoria Falls. They are running some very exciting projects. More information is available on the Environment Africa website:

To donate to The Victoria Falls Green Fund, please use this link.